Facilitating Affordable, Evidence Based Medical Solutions

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What We Do

EBM Medical® is an innovative virtual retail medical clearing house that allows healthcare providers to prescribe and offer affordable, cash-only, evidence-based medical solutions.

All while building their practice and ensuring their patients maintain continuity of care by way of solution-driven services.

How We Do It

By sourcing only the highest of quality active pharmaceutical ingredients and partnering with validated cGMP manufacturing facilities and accredited pharmacies, we ensure our products are of the utmost superiority.

Our state-of-the-art technologies include medical pick-and-pack and shipping services, personalized customer service, an innovative transaction platform and online portal that allows for seamless access to support, tools, and educational materials for both patients and providers.

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Ethics & Compliance

  • EBM Medical ensures all transactions in managing orders and prescriptions are strictly confidential.
  • Proactive procedures taken to ensure HIPAA compliance – all patient information is 256 bit encrypted
  • All medical products are based on scientific principles and evidence-based medicine
  • Fair Market Value is a priority

EBM Medical is in FULL compliance with ALL legal, regulatory, and ethical guidelines.


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