Due to declining reimbursement, healthcare providers are pursuing opportunities to generate ancillary revenue. In-office retailing and dispensing has been an option that comes with significant challenges. Welcome to EBM Medical®, the industry’s first virtual concierge medical company.

EBM Medical offers an innovative solution for HCP’s to retail cash-only products and services without the complexity or pressure of selling through the office.

Simply put, EBM Medical creates the balance between patient accessibility and affordability for non-covered therapies while providing the option to build revenue for your practice:

Patient access and affordability

No in-office processing

No inventory management

Zero investment

Retail price flexibility

“Real-time” profit reconciliation

Dedicated patient refill management

There are 3 primary ways to work with us. EBM Medical only represents non-covered products and services available exclusively through healthcare providers. Each model offers patient savings comparable to market options and shipping is always FREE.

1. Virtual Concierge Model

100% Turnkey System


Provider sends EBM Medical the prescription.


EBM Medical contacts patient and collects payment. HCP revenues are generated in real-time.


Product is delivered to patient.

2. In-Office Retail

Dispense from office

Purchase bulk inventory and sell the first order directly from your office with the option to have EBM Medical manage all refills to maximize continuity of care. Bulk pricing discounts are available with this option.

3. Patient Direct

Lowest-cost option

Bypass the business opportunity and offer your patients the greatest savings. Simply send EBM Medical the order/ prescription. EBM Medical will contact the patient, facilitate the transaction, and ship the product.

Patient Benefits

High quality and affordable products

Guaranteed pricing

Flexible payment options

Free shipping

First-class patient services

Product Portfolio

EBM Medical utilizes USP grade active pharmaceutical ingredients, supported by evidence-based medicine, to address metabolic deficiencies for acute and chronic conditions.